Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 11:51 PM
The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Feb 16, 2019
About The Issue

oday's lead story is about the appointment of the new Election Commissioner - Mr. Sushil Chandra. With this, the last vacancy in the Election Commission is also filled, and we are all set for Elections 2019.        The second story is truly inspirations - Pune city public transport has just started using a fleet of 25 electric buses which can go 225 kms on a single charge of 4 hours. Way to go, Pune!        The special feature, of course, is the best of all. Some months ago, we wrote about the discovery of a new species of hummingbird in South America. Today, we announce the discovery of a new snake species from our very own Arunachal Pradesh!        Praneeth's Countries of the World has Chad today. Page 3 has the editorial, your favourite Word Magic, and Mr. Owl's Did you Know about flora.        Page 4 has Sports News, a poem by Rani Chand, and Ridley the Riddle Turtle, who has four riddles for you today.        The Cartoon Corner features Cool Comix by Aditya Nema.        Enjoy the edition.        This edition has been made by Neha aunty.   

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