Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 07:26 PM
The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Jun 20, 2019
About The Issue

Today's lead story is about logos and copyrights. You might remember our covering these topics earlier. The second story is so exciting that I could not resist adding a whole page just to understand habitable zone, ESI, and other exciting stuff! Some of the stuff we could not even put there... but I hope that you, the lovely kids who asked for space news, are happy! Page 2 has your favourite Sanskrit and Hindi wisdom. Today, for the first time, our quote of the day is a Hindi quote by Amrita Pritam ji. This quote has inspired me often. You'll also find a picture puzzle and the Word Magic. Page 3 has the Editorial and a lovely Haiku by Shlok Pandey and Priyanka aunty's Studying Abroad feature. Pages 4,5, and 6 are Chandamama Fan Club - the final part of the Gullvers' Travels story in Hindi. Next week, we go back to English Chandamama. Page 7 has a full page feature on exoplanets that support life, and the Artist Corner featuring Ayush Moitra's splendid work. Page 8 has the sports news - FIFA Women's World Cup, The Laugh-A-Lot-It-Is by Ishaan Kaila, the Questioner (again by Ishaan Kaila), and the Junior Reading Room which, again, has a song that I quite love. The editorial has a special request today. Do see!  Love, Nidhi aunty        

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