Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 12:36 AM
The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Nov 22, 2019
About The Issue

  Dear Readers,       As each day unfolds, it is one of discovery. Today news covers how scientists in Japan have discovered geoglyphs in Peru dating back thousands of years using the modern technology of Artificial Intelligence. Also, a town in Australia looked like Mars as it was covered in red dust because of the dust storm caused by high temperatures and speed of winds.   On page 2, Kraft with Kalpana will tell you how to make a caterpillar. It is simple to make, and you will probably have all that you need to make it at home. Praneeth will tell you all about Haiti in the Countries of the World.   Page 3 has some puzzles to puzzle you. Also, Mr. Owl will tell you why your favorite foods taste so good. Rack your brains to unscramble Word Magic and inspired by the Quote of the Day.   Page 4 has the sports news, artwork by Ridhi Gudla, and a Riddle to make you Giggle. Aditya Nema is witty as ever in Cool Comix.   I’m sure you will enjoy today’s edition!   Warmly,   Priyal  

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