Monday, November 29, 2021 - 05:42 AM
The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Nov 29, 2021
About The Issue

Dear Readers, In today’s edition, we bring to you - 1.       NASA’s DART Mission – A Quick Glance, by Shuchi Giridhar 2.       World’s First Autonomous Electric Cargo Vessel Launched 3.       Sports News: Men's Junior Hockey World Cup 4.       Russian Anti-Satellite Missile Test, with Inputs from Krisha Bansal 5.       NEW FEATURE: Make Your Own Game 6.       Monday Fun section that includes a.       Masterminds – Brain Ticklers b.       Explore India c.       Word Maker d.       Word Scramble e.       Spot the Differences Hope you will enjoy reading the edition as much as we did while putting it all together. Please send your valuable feedback at Happy reading! Cheers, Bonani and Padma

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