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The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Apr 07, 2020
About The Issue

Hello dear readers, Page 1- India has been asked to lift restrictions on drug exports. This is the main news today. Have you heard of a town in Rajasthan which is India's Manchester as it is the textile hub of the state. The 'Bhilwara model' has become a role model for other states on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Read on in the second news. Page 2- Do you watch Sci-Fi movies? A lot of gadgets and technology we use nowadays are inspired by them. Can you guess which ones? Don't forget to share the ones you know. Page 3- Have you been trying out the flameless cooking recipes? Another favourite this week. If you've tried something new, do share your recipes and pictures with us. Do you know what 'cwtch', a Welsh word means? It's synonyms in the word search today. A joke and quote of the day. Page 4- Two super talented artists Dhruv and Subaina share their artwork today, while Mira shares her doodle art. Quiz on Hockey in the Sports Trivia in todays edition. Happy Reading :)

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