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The Children's Post

The Children's Post

Jun 22, 2021
About The Issue

Page 1- Using data from NASA’s IBEX satellite, scientists created the first-ever 3D map of the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space. Read about this in the first news story by Aryaa Sinha. Reliance Jio, and now Tata in partnership with Bharti Airtel join the 5G bandwagon. This is the second news today by Aarya Krishnan.   Page 2- What are lunar rays, and how are they formed? Sunil Behera enlightens us in the feature story.   Page 3- Wednesday Champs, try and answer today’s question. How many dog breeds do you know? Try looking in the word search. More facts related to the dental world in the did you know column.   Page 4- Twist your tongue with the funny tongue twister. Beautiful artwork sent in by our readers. Sports section covers the Para Ice Hockey Championship. A news story by Aditi Mukund.   Happy Reading Love, Deepti    

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