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The Children's Post - Fridays Only

The Children's Post - Fridays Only

May 22, 2020
About The Issue

Dear Bright Sparks, Is there anything around you that you have been observing and would love to share? Here is mine: I have a pomegranate plant in my kitchen garden and few days ago I saw that two cuckoo birds have made a nest in the plant. Ten days ago, I had seen tiny eggs in the nest. Today, there were tiny little birds in the nest which were being fed by the mother. I watched this and couldn’t stop smiling. The United Nations has declared 22nd Mayas the International Day of Biodiversity. At TCP too, we are also celebrating a special daytoday. चाहे बचा हो चॉकलेट का आखरी टुकड़ा, चाहे छोटी बहन रोए झूठा दुखड़ा चाहे लूडो में की गयी हो खूब चीटिंग, चाहे भैया ने बिगड़ दी हो सारी सेटिंग कोक का आखरी घूँट चाहे वो गटकले, सुना कर बोर करे बेकार चुटकुले दादी को करदे वो कितनी शिकायत, झूट की सच बोल करे वकालत आज के दिन किसी पर भी बिगड़ना मना है चाहे जो भी हो बस हँस कर टाल दो, क्योंकि आज लड़ना मना है! Yes, today is “NO FIGHT DAY” as suggested by Shreya. So, no fighting! Here's today's 'What if' challenge:What if all the humans were of same size and shape? Enjoy the edition and have a lovely weekend.

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