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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

Dec 05, 2019
About The Issue

Dear Lovely readers    Today's edition is really special. This is our first Spot Quiz ever, and yet, only the first of the four that you can look forward to this month!    What a way to close the year!    If you are a subscriber through or an institutional subscriber, please go straight to the Editorial on Page 3 and take the 10 minute quiz and, hopefully, win some awesome surprise prizes. (Even if you are not a subscriber, you can take today's edition and be eligible to participate. Just use the same email id that you use to pick up today's edition).    Page 1 has all the details about a fraud that has duped thousands of Indians, who lost millions of rupees.    Page 2 has your favourite Hindi, Sanskrit, and Tamil proverbs, the Word Magic and a Whodunnit Puzzle to Puzzle you. And of course, the Muhavara Quiz.    Page 3 has the Editorial, and the final part of the series about a career in microbiology.    Page 4 is the Chandamama Fan Club   Page 5 has the Sports News, Kavita Kona, Laugh a lot it is by Ishaan Kaila, and Ayush Moitra's lovely Bob Mania.    Enjoy the edition! Love    Nidhi Aunty   

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