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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

May 21, 2020
About The Issue

You cannot imagine how excited we are to introduce The Children's Post June 2020 Online Student Debate!    But first, the lead news. It is an achievement of Indian engineering - a 12000 HP train engine made in India.  The second news is about political and Covid updates around the world.  The third news is about the cyclone. It landed, and will now gradually weaken, giving us water and rainfall.  The fourth news is for the science enthusiasts amongst you. Can you solve today's riddle?    Today's edition has:  A. Sanskrit Sukti  B. Hindi Lokokti  C. Tamil proverb  D. Word Magic  E. Flowers by Yashaswi Anika Tandon  F. An incredible sketch of an old woman by Anjana  G. A cute little blue monster by Divyanshi Singhal  H. Namak - a story in a poem, or a poem with a story?  I. The British Council Page  J. Today's Challenges  K. Laugh A Lot It Is by Ishaan Kaila  L. Kavita Kona by Dr. Panna Lal  M. Meme: My Life in Memes   Enjoy the edition!    Love    Nidhi aunty 

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