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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

Dec 09, 2021
About The Issue

Today, we have:  A. Lead News: You must have heard about the Omicron variant. What is it? A quick update on what we know so far.  B. News: The chopper crash of CDS Bipin Rawat - why is it important?, and an update on the Word of the year 2021. Help us choose!  C. Your page - poetry by Harshika Udasi and Kavi Bharathy, Craft by Vedica Gupta and Art by Devanshu Acharya  D. Let's Understand - What is ordinance  E. Veervar Vijeta - Last week's answers and winners, and this week's puzzle. A new type of puzzle this week - the reverse Crossword. Would you like to give it a shot?  F. Sports news by Ishaan Kaila  G. Colouring Fun for our young readers  H. Perception Bias by Nidhi Arora  Enjoy the edition.  Love  Nidhi aunty 

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