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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

Jul 09, 2020
About The Issue

Dear Readers    Today is the Meme Fest!  The news covers an update from the WHO, one from the government of India, and one from NASA. Exciting, isn't it?    The rest of the edition has:  A. Sanskrit Sukti  B. Hindi Lokokti  C. Tamil proverb  D. Word Magic  E. Veervaar Vijetas and the next Veervaar Vijeta Challenge  F. The British Council Section!  G. Laugh a Lot It is by Ishaan Kaila  H. Bob Mania by Ayush Moitra  I. Kavita Kona by Dr. Panna Lal.    And the highlight of the edition: As many as 14 memes created by our readers. Well Done, Gupreet Kaur (8 memes!), Punya Mann, Angad Singh Arora, Ayesha Agarwal, and Aryaa Sinha! So proud of you!    On today's e reader, don't miss the lovely links to the results of the NASA challenge.    Enjoy the edition.    Love    Nidhi aunty 

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