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The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

Jun 17, 2021
About The Issue

This is a power packed edition!  The news have been written stupendously by our Empower Journalists:  A. Peru Election Results - Aditi Mukund  B. Singapore Population Update - Amey Haldankar  C. Report on Gawdar Port - Anirudh Bhargava  D. Sports News - Euro League Football - Ishaan Kaila    After this we have:  1. Your Page - Art by Shrawani Mahadik, Bontha Charani, S.Amizhthini 2. Your Page  -  A story on Yin Yang by Vea Jain  3. Cinquain - a special type of poem by Myra Gupta  4. Art by Pragyan Mishra  5. Quote of the Day  6. Veervaar Vijeta - Last week's answers, winners, and this week's puzzles (and a new type of fun challenge from this week onwards)  7. Quick Brain Game (NOT a part of Veervaar Vijeta)  8 And BOB MANIA !  Enjoy the edition  Love  Nidhi aunty 

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