Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 10:13 PM
The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

The Children's Post - Thursdays Only

Oct 22, 2020
About The Issue

 Today, we have a special edition in not one, but two ways  1. The first part of this special edition is a news feature on Big Businesses Vs Countries. Our 3 news stories are all on the same theme. Let's get a conversation started on tcponline.  2. The second part of the special edition is something we have never done before - do you ever wonder how people celebrate Navratri at home? What do they do? Today's feature will take you into the homes of people from all over the country, and see their lovely home celebrations, read about their rituals. This is truly the time to soak in the festivities of #VirtualNavratri.  After the news and the special edition we have:  A. Wisdom from Sanskrit and Tamil and a Lokokti quiz in Hindi.  B. Dadi - a poem by Jigyasa Joshi  C. Answers to last week's Veervar Vijeta, names of winners, and this week's challenges.  D. Laugh a lot it is by Ishaan Kaila  E. Meme by Jaskeerat Khaira  F. Pun-Fun by Vijay Karthik  G. Art by Pratishtha Rana Enjoy the bumper 8 page edition!  Love  Nidhi aunty           

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